Welcome to Aurabest Hearing Care Centre

Opening Hours : Sunday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
  Contact : +607-276 8772



Aurabest Sdn. Bhd.

Aurabest Sdn. Bhd., established since year 1994, it is the first professional hearing care centre in Johor Bahru, specialized in hearing test and hearing aid fitting. Our experienced staff are always ready to serve people with hearing difficulties.

Our product range inclusive of: Behind-the-ear, In-the-ear and Completely-in-the-ear hearing aids, they are all fully digitsal programmable. A wide range of models, designs and colors are available to suit individual needs.

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Anniversary Promotion

In conjunction with Aurabest’s Anniversary, we are offering:

  • Free hearing test
  • Free upgrade from PL500-PL700.
  • 20% discount for PL300.
  • 15% discount for Orion 2.
  • Free 3 packs of batteries when you refer a friend.
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Siemens – Pure Hearing Aid

Siemens Pure® Hearing Aid

Small in size and packed with impressive technology, Siemens Pure® gives you the optimum natural sound quality. Even better, it contains more features than any other hearing aids of its size.
Pure® is Innovation


  • No m0re hassle looking for batteries! Pure® is rechargeable.
  • Wireless.
  • Telecoil (T-coil) connects automatically with public sound systems such as theaters and phones.
  • Mini receiver for superior sound quality.
  • Advanced BestSound® Technology from Siemens.
  • Rocker switch or programmable push button for optional control.
  • Exchangeable housing with a choice of 12 colors.

Specially Made for Teens

Why? As children grow into their own teenage style and personality, they want their hearing aids to match that identity. Pure® offers a tiny, discreet, option that’s great for teens who want to fit in with their friends. Siemens Pure® hearing aids can become high-performance wireless headphones when paired with miniTek® to stream audio content from a cellphone, MP3 player, game console, and more.

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The Siemens TouchControl App

Full control at your fingertips

Turn your smartphone into a discreet remote control for Siemens hearing aids and enjoy a high level of handling comfort right at your fingertips without any intermediary device.

Simply discreet

Compatible with Android™ and Apple iOS, the touchControl™ App lets you discreetly and conveniently change your hearing programs, adjust the volume, and adjust the bass and treble via your smartphone. And here comes the best part — the touchControl App is free to download on the Google Play* Store and Apple App* Store!

Simple handling:

  • Reliable data transmission via an ultra-high frequency signal.
  • No extra hardware necessary – just your smartphone.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Operating range of 1 meter.


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